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I’m starting to get the hang of blogging.  I read many stories today that are interesting.  I can relate to a lot of these stories just through being an educator.  The 1st story I read today is about a Duck and a 2nd grade class.  This Duck had made its nest in the middle of their playground.  The Duck eventually left and the kids didn’t know where the Duck went.  Even though I teach 8th grade students, they would have some of the same reactions.  They would be worried and want to find the Duck.  They would also  come to their own conclusion on what happen to the Duck.  What I can see from 1st grade to 8th the students still have a strong emotional attachment to familiar things around them.  Take an 8th grader for example.  Let them go to classes for 2 weeks and then tell them you are changing their schedule and see what kind of reaction you get.  Kids are kids no matter what age!!!!

The 2nd blog or story I read is an on going debate. ” Why I do not assign Homework ”  is the name of the blog.  The reason I can relate to this aritcle is it applies to me and my classroom.  But I can remember having some teachers that gave at least an hour of homework a night, and some teachers that never gave homework.  As a teacher it is a personal preference and what works for you.  In the blog though it talks about the students who needs the extra work never does the homework, and the one’s who didn’t need it does the extra work.  In my history class I will assign homework once a month.  The reason is we are on block schedules.  The blocks we have are 75min each.  Unlike when I went to school and we had 7 periods about 45min each.  With so much time in class now I can accomplish everything I need including the homework assign in that alloted time.  A good article that I recently read is Homework No Burden.  Please visit this aritcle and let me know what you think?

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  1. I agree that kids are kids and blogs can really work for any age. I liked getting to see the variety of ways blogs were used. It gives you ideas for using blogs for whatever age. I teach 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th graders – what an range, but it’s refreshing to know that all these kids will benefit and enjoy blogging.

  2. I also enjoyed the articles. It is so true that kids are kids at any age. It was interesting that a second class could be compared to eight grade. I also totally agreed with the not assigning homework. I believe that children are at school all day working hard and need a break at home. Like the article said it is usually the a and b students who do the homework and the ones who need it would just forget about it or copy someone elses. I teach Kindergarten and we do have the children practice flash cards and simple things with their parents, but I think at that age the children do need the extra one on one practice.

    I enjoyed your blog, and it looks great!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Kelly Cloud

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